Renia Ortec is a Polychloroprene cement for bonding many materials used by orthopaedic shoe technicians,
pedorthists, and foot orthotists. Free of toluene and MEK.

Provides a strong bond on all materials used for repairing or producing shoes and orthotics/prosthetics like leather, rubber, EVA,
TR, felt, cork, compact PE/PP, metal, etc. except plastified PVC, for which we recommend ReniaColle de Cologne All Purpose Cement.

Because of its fast crystallisation and high green strength of Ortec it is possible to handle the bonded
pieces after 1 hour. The heat resistance is high enough to trim or buffer the sole or heel. The bonding
strength increases
continuously during the first two days. Adding 5-10 % hardener greatly increases
the resistance against heat, oil, and other chemical influences.

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