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PoronĀ® Performance Cushioning

Date Posted: 31.05.16

Poron® Performance Cushioning is now available from TRL for immediate delivery in rolls and sheets. Please click here or contact us for more details on various grades of Poron® high quality open cell polyurethane foams for your cushioning needs.

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New colourful 915 Topmen heels

Date Posted: 31.05.16

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Removable Soles for Castings

Date Posted: 31.05.16

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New colourful Longlife soles

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New Soltrack heels - Naturally !

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Renia Adhesives are available now !

Date Posted: 31.05.16

The popular Renia adhesives are now available from TRL. Please contact us... > more

Soltracks available in 10 pair packs

Date Posted: 31.05.16

Following our customers' enquiries, the popular Soltrack range of... > more

Indiana new website is live !

Date Posted: 31.05.16

Indiana has published their new website with sharp images and updated... > more

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