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The global fashion industry is the perfect environment for creative solutions to flourish.

It’s why Texon has developed Texon Vogue, a stylish, versatile and adaptable material, which provides a wide range of solutions for both fashion and consumer applications.

From jeans labels, luggage tags and stationery items to caps, hats and leather goods, designers and manufacturers revel in Texon Vogue’s ability to be hard-wearing, flexible and practical.

It’s proving so successful that many high street brands, household names and designer labels from around the world specify Texon Vogue in their products, names such as; Adidas, Calvin Klein, Hollister, Ikea, Levi Strauss, Marks & Spencer, Nike, Ralph Lauren, Timberland, Walmart and Wrangler, not to mention dozens of independent artists and manufacturers who use Texon Vogue in their own consumer creations.

Not only does Texon Vogue provide creative solutions it is also environmentally friendly.
Texon Vogue is accredited to the standards of Oeko-Tex and the Forest Stewardship Council® FSC®.
The FSC® helps to promote responsible management of the world’s forests, by setting global standards on forest products.

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