Metatarsals are essentially the bones above your arch that connect your toes to your ankles. Metatarsal protection is fast becoming a mandatory requirement in many industrial environments.

The COROGuard:

Now there is no need to buy a very specialised and expensive item of safety footwear. The COROGuard is a removable Metatarsal guard and come in two sizes, Standard and Large, which has L stamped on the front plate.

It is lightweight and moulded in a special high impact grade of Polypropylene. The COROGuard is extremely easy to fit to most types of industrial safety boots. At low cost the COROguard turns a generalised safety boot into a very specialised item of protective footwear.

The COROGuard is attached to the safety boot though the laces. An alternative method is to attach the Guard to the boot by use of cable ties that can be supplied by Corinum Merchanting if required.

Either method of attachment ensures that the COROGuard can be fitted and removed in a very quick simple operation.

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