Texon T480 is a popular, high quality, firm cellulose insoling material designed for Goodyear Welted and also Cement Lasted footwear.

It can be used without sock liner.

T480 is cellulose material, and is engineered to meet the needs of shoe production and provides a high level of comfort for the wearer.

Material Composition

Texon T480 is a natural fibre construction elastomeric bonded material, available in a wide range of thickness, which is computer guided in production for consistency in product quality.

Recommended Gauges

  • Ladies’ Shoes 1.25mm – 1.75mm
  • Men’s Shoes 2.00mm – 2.50mm
  • Children’s Shoes 1.50mm – 2.00mm
  • Sport’s shoes 1.25mm – 3.00mm
  • Work Shoes 2.50mm – 3.00mm

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