PORON® Slow Rebound Cushioning Series is a unique custom
contouring material that will continue to rebound to its original state after each use. 

PORON Slow Rebound Cushioning is offering consistent support and fit .

Some applications for PORON Slow Rebound Materials include
total contact insoles, tongue and ankle cushioning along with
various apparel and low impact protective equipment. 

Custom Fit and Support During Each Use

  • A material that continually returns to its original shape after each use.
  • Custom, total contact fit helps to support stability and balance.
  • A good low impact absorption material that conforms to the foot.

Maintains Performance

  • Long-term comfort and excellent compression-set resistance that will not break down with repeated use.
  • Open-cell, breathable technology.
  • Available in a variety of thicknesses to meet your specific product design needs.

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